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Life Coaching// 01


Coaching is a method to invoke positive change, which involves working with clients to achieve their goals and to solve their problems in an effective way. It is an individualized program that allows you:


  • to go forward

  • to welcome change

  • to change how you view yourself and the world

  • to transform your behaviours

  • to use your full potential

  • to get desired results faster


Unlike therapy, in my coaching sessions we do not work on "why" but we focus on "how".


The coaching "does not cure", it is to boost and accompany the client in the direction that he or she wishes.


The client is the only master on board and his or her participation and commitment are essential for the success of coaching.


1 session of 60-90 minutes :  60-80 euros 


Typically the client needs between 1-6 sessions spread over time according to individual needs. If there is not enough time to come to the office, after the first session the following can take place via Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber.


Each case is different and each person is different!

Hypnotherapy // 02


"Hypnosis is a lifelong relationship that takes place in one person and is aroused by the warmth of another person" - Erickson


Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. It is not a sleep but a state of consciousness just like sleeping or dreaming, and the hypnotic state is natural. Everyone experiences it every day.


The hypnotic state is needed to unlock our abilities for deep change, because real change cannot happen to the state of consciousness where the problem or difficulty was created.


Hypnotherapy consists of working in a hypnotic state which is facilitated by the intervention of the therapist on the subconscious mind of the patient, using the patient's own resources, which reveal new possibilities. The therapist is only a tool, the work is done entirely by the patient and is done "in the person", and not by the therapist. It is the patient who is fully responsible for the changes that will occur. We do not erase anything, we open options and amplify the positive. Hypnosis belongs to the family of short therapies because it brings results very quickly. The patient often feels a sensation of "acceleration" in his/her life and sees a quick improvement.


1 session of 60-90 minutes :  60-80 euros 


Typically the customer needs between 1-3 sessions spaced over time according to individual needs. The first session is ALWAYS 90 minutes.

Meditation by the sea
Yoga // 03


Yoga is a combination of a set physical exercises and mindfulness meditation. It is also a science of self-transformation, a process of liberation which was transmitted to me as such by my teacher and friend Shri Prasad Rangnekar. It is also how I share it with those who wish to participate in my classes.


Yoga teaches us to free ourselves from our limited perception of the world and ourselves. It allows the transformation of the system that forms our body and our mind, two sides of the same coin. This transformation often begins with physical yoga postures, because the body is a gateway to our mind.


It is by practicing the positions of Yoga that we learn to turn our attention inward, to see and accept the agitations of our thoughts, and conflicting tensions. Then, gradually we learn to soothe them by breathing, relaxation,Yoga nidra, self-reflection ...


Yoga is a path to detachment and inner strength to fully live our lives.



09:30 - 10:45

19:30 - 20:45


09:30 - 10:45

19:30 - 20:45

Places are limited to four people per lesson.

15 euros / 1 lesson, prepayment necessary for 4 lessons in advance (60 euros). 


Missed lessons are not refunded. However, you may replace them with another lesson if there is availability.

Specialised Programmes // 04


GET IN SHAPE: 4 weeks of coaching + hypnosis + intensive yoga to work on a global transformation of body and mind. It is possible to lose weight in a sustainable way without starvation diets by changing our view of ourselves, realizing what wires us in our heads and by changing our lifestyles. 

  • 2 sessions per week

  • 1 individual yoga classes per week

  • Food Log every night via email

  • Access to me via email / phone every day

800 euros payable in 2 instalments


STRESS REHAB4 weeks of coaching + hypnosis + gentle yoga to regain homeostasis, balance and serenity in the body and mind after prolonged stress or burn out (in case of burn out collaboration with the medical corps is necessary)


  • 2 sessions a week

  • 1 yoga class (guided relaxation, breathing exercises etc.)

  • Implementation of dietary changes (super destress food)

  • Reflexions and journalling to practice

  • Access to me via email / phone every day if necessary

800 euros payable in two instalments


AUDIT:  1 day (10-17h with a lunch break of one hour) with me to work in an intensive and global way on an urgent or recurring problem. It's a time to work in depth and give a boost to change.​

300 euros