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Updated: Jan 10, 2019


You have decided that this year will be YOURS. The year of success.

You often feel:



full of doubt




a lack of motivation

a lack of concentration

a lack of energy

in internal conflict and / or with others

that you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel

that you can no longer see the meaning of all this ...

... and you can add YOUR reasons for taking this course.

Perhaps you are leading a very satisfying life and there is just one little thing missing ... or you are on top of your success but you do not feel it. Finally, whatever the reason, it's yours.

What is important is YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS.

Why? Because success, this magic word, is often equated with career, money, power .... it's a myth. Just watch TV to realise that people with a resplendent career, money and power are not necessarily happy and their "success" does not last.

How then do we create this lasting success in our lives, which fulfils us, and which is not necessarily an external success (but it can be) ? How do we live a life that has meaning for us, fills us with joy, satisfaction, serenity and happiness?

We must formulate our own definition of success.

Our success, our happiness, our life of coherence and meaning is our responsibility. Here are some examples of what famous people say about success and it's not always what you expect:

"Success is how happy you are"

Sir Richard Brandson

"There are 4 pillars of success: well-being, wisdom, wonder, sharing."

Arianna Huffington

"Inner peace is achieved only through the satisfaction of knowing that you have made the effort to do the best you can. "

John Wooden

"Success is about loving who you are, loving what you do and loving how you do it."

Maya Angelou (this one is my favorite)

"Success in life can be defined as a continuous expansion of happiness and a progressive realization of value goals."

Deepak Chopra

And one last that can give you the idea how to find YOUR definition of success:

"If you think carefully about what you want to say at your funeral, you will find your definition of success."

Stephen Covey

For me:

Success is LIVING FREE: A mentally and materially independent life in LOVE, in the expansion of consciousness and contribution to others.

You can remember my slogan: YOUR LIFE IS YOURS.

So, before embarking on the course, your first exercise is:

TASK #1:

Write your definition of success.




Remember: You can be happy, healthy and successful!!!

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