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How many dreams and projects have you "buried" in your life? We dream, eventually we plan, from time to time we start (the bravest among us) ... then we let it go. Obstacles mount as our enthusiasm and motivation diminish. The years pass and we stop dreaming ...

To end our week together, I will share with you some reasons why we abandon our dreams and fail to achieve our goals.


You have noticed that many times in this course, I have asked you to check that your goals and priorities are aligned with the VISION of your dream life, your FUTURE SELF, sometimes called "future identity".

Sometimes we are not motivated enough by our long-term goals because we do not clearly see their impact in the future. Just think about the homework of our kids ... talking to them about university when they are in 5th grade is not very exciting. Healthy eating today is sometimes difficult if we cannot imagine ourselves at 80 years old. Saving 10% of our income at 30 seems "useless" if we do not see ourselves at 60 …

It is essential that we are able to project ourselves into the future and align our goals with this vision. The day we are tired, discouraged and unenthusiastic, it is this vision and the joy that flows from it that will take us one step further.


We have been taught to formulate "SMART" objectives: specific, measurable, achievable,

realistic, attached to time. The problem is that these are goals based on where we are today, who we are today, and our means today. This tends to keep us in a kind of mediocrity. You agree that 50 years ago "walking on the moon" was not a SMART goal ... and yet!

Start with a dream, so big that it scares you. Start with THE END (Stephen Covey). This is how you will use your potential and grow instead of staying where you are today. What you are today is often not relevant to your future.


A big fear in our life is LOSS. Realising our dreams, a new life can make us lose what we have now. Yes, I want to get into a professional coaching career, but I will lose the security of my current job. Yes, I dream of living in the countryside but I will lose my girlfriends and Parisian cultural life. Yes, I want to move to another neighborhood but I will lose square meters …

Our brain makes the choice between A and B, calculating:

If I have A, I lose B. If I keep B, I would not have A.

We must learn to reprogram our brain

from A OR B to solution A AND B!

(it's magic)



Have a TIME plan.

Be patient.

Ask for HELP and SUPPORT.

It's a transition that happens over time, with help, and with the opening of our minds. It is also an opportunity to "lose something to make way for something new", better, more aligned with who we are today (this job, this apartment was the dream of the you of the past!) or with your future self.


The last, but certainly the most important reason why we abandon the pursuing of our goals is the (bad) management of our energy!

And when I talk about energy, I'm talking about our form, our rest, our health. Stress, burn out, weakened immunity, even diseases stop us in a sometimes drastic way. Rest, meditation, food, sleep, silence, conscious breathing should be part of our planning and should be included in our schedules as well.

This is the end of our course and the beginning of a great adventure for 2019. I hope you have found clarity and motivation to live the life you want, to develop your potential and grow, to take control of the order your days and your years and to have a life of health, serenity and success. UPGRADE YOUR LIFE ...

You now have all the tools to create a plan and follow it, and like everything else, a plan is only a plan. It gives us the direction to sail but our boat can bring us elsewhere .... It's up to us to discover America!

With these materials you are autonomous. If you still want to work more deeply or if you have internal conflicts with the discoveries you made this week, you know where to find me (17, rue Alfred Roll AND av 71, Victor Hugo).

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