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Updated: Jan 11, 2019


The question often comes in our coaching or hypnosis sessions:

"Why am I here on this planet? What am I supposed to do here? Why am I born? What is the meaning of my existence, this suffering, this daily struggle? "

And then,

"How can I find the meaning of my life, Misa?"

I can give you a very short answer, ready made, and this answer does not please (and I give it only very rarely): We are here to realise who we really are (True Self) and to give up what we are not (Ego and our roles). It is a very spiritual answer and not always practical in our daily lives.

So, for more pragmatic reasons, I believe that to find meaning in our human and terrestrial (material) life, we will not actually "find" this meaning, but we must DEFINE it ourselves: then try, test, err, start again, change, refine, train, formulate and adjust. We must DECIDE. Then get to work.

Here are some tips to think about:

1. We are alive

And if one of the reasons for our existence would be to be alive, fully, with passion, enthusiasm, joy, fullness?

2. We are all unique

And if a sense of our existence would be to express our originality, to live our life true to ourselves and not the one imposed or defined by others (our parents, our teachers, society, the norm, the culture, the others) ...? Do I live a life that is "truly" mine or do I live life according to others? Here appears the notion of authenticity …

3. Love is the meaning of life in itself

Philosophers and spiritual guides, saints and books speak of it: love IS already the reason for being, a divine, cosmic force, and we are that love. And so how do we connect with those around us? How do we give this love, this compassion to those around us? How are we able to give and receive love? Hmmm ...

4. We have a unique ability to live with an intention, consciously

We have the capacity for vision and anticipation in our lives, and we have power over our thoughts, emotions and actions. We can decide to let ourselves be carried away by our instincts and impulses or we can decide to direct our life where we want it. So what is the vision and intent with which I want to live? Which direction do I choose today, tomorrow and in a year?

All of the questions posed above are inspirations to think, to dig, to stay a little silent, to contemplate, to read again from time to time, to choose perhaps one or two of these questions and to be present with them for a month or so. I'm sure something will happen in your life: be attentive, and you'll see the "signs".

Additionally, here are 4 major questions that are usually used to help guide activities, and that are supposed to bring you more meaning and joy:


What did you dream of doing when you were little?





What do you like to do in your free time with such concentration and joy that you forget the time that passes?





Which great personalities (or those you met in your life) inspire you? Why?





Others tell you that you really have a gift (such as cooking, receiving, connecting, painting, advising, listening) and you do not realise it because it comes so easy and natural to you. What are your gifts?





You can be happy, healthy and successful!!!

You can also "UPGRADE YOUR LIFE"!

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