We always have a choice: to be a victim of circumstance or to become the creator of our destiny.

I invite you to dare to create the life that makes you want to get up in the morning with enthusiasm, confidence, in shape, and with love for yourself and others. I invite you to change your perspective from "Why Can't I" to "YES I CAN"!


Misa Lavkova-Closier

Welcome to my office in Paris 16 ème!

With methods and techniques of life coaching, hypnotherapy and yoga I will help you:

  • improve the quality of your daily life (Health)

  • boost your potential, vision and action to realize your projects and your dreams and to live successfully according to YOUR definition (Success)

  • to overcome the difficult times that life brings to us all (Serenity)

  • learn to become the best version of yourself, express your humanity and individuality with courage, authenticity and alignment with your values (Self-actualization)

71, av. Victor Hugo,

75116 Paris,

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  • Stress Management / Time Management

  • Weight loss

  • Self-confidence / Self-esteem

  • Decision Making / Clarity

  • Realisation of a Project / Dream

  • Creation of  Life Plan

  • Accompanying Change / Transition

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Discovering your Personality

  • Development of Potential

  • Accompanying a Family Breakup

  • Divorce

  • Career Change

  • Business Boost

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  • Allergies

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress Management

  • Chronic Pain

  • Performance Improvement

  • Preparation for Exams

  • Préparation for Childbirth

  • Emotional Release

  • Anxiety 

Meditation by the sea
  • Back/Hip Pain

  • Stability and Physical/Mental Flexibility

  • Let Go

  • De-stress

  • Serenity

  • Better Self-knowledge

  • Transformation

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Preparation for Childbirth

  • Breathing

  • Meditation

  • Sleep Disorders, Anxiety

  • Menopause

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"When life gives you lemons - make lemonade!!!"

Misa Lavkova is a personal and professional development coach and yoga teacher, with 11 years of teaching experience in several countries. In order to work more efficiently and to better serve her clients, she has added hypnotherapy training to her skills, a discipline she is passionate about. She speaks fluently in five languages (French, English, Spanish, Czech, Slovak) and has a passive knowledge of two others (Russian, German).  


Specialising in stress management and weight loss using a holistic approach (that is to say the consideration of each person in its entirety), Misa also supports women through career changes, or during the process of creating new careers, as well as through very painful times of separation or divorce.


Misa established her first communications consulting company at the age of 21, helping French entrepreneurs and companies set up in the post-Soviet Czech Republic. Her clients included Chanel, Aubade and Sothys. Misa's entrepreneurial spirit also led her to create a vintage poster company in Chicago and then become a real estate investor in Prague. In India, she became a yoga teacher where she taught for four years. Back in Europe she trained in executive coaching and more recently in hypnosis. Her entrepreneurial spirit never left her and today she has created her own coaching company in Paris: MLCoaching Paris. Courage, creativity, authenticity, contribution and freedom are her values ​​and the guiding lights of her life. However, it is not the life of the company that interests her most in her work, it is THE WOMAN of today who is at the heart of her passion.


Certified in the Awareness to Action Enneagram program, created by Executive Coach Mario Sikora, Misa has worked with private clients around the world as well as with large companies. She regularly teaches yoga philosophy and coaching practice in Paris and Prague workshops. Misa has created several online yoga and coaching programs for the American School of Mumbai and also for her own practice which now includes individual coaching, online coaching and international business coaching.


In 1993, Misa joined her husband in Madrid where their "life around the world" began: after Madrid, they moved to Hong Kong, Singapore, Chicago, Frankfurt, Prague, Mumbai and Dublin. Twenty-four years of life as an "expatriate woman" gave her an incomparable experience of cultural differences. These years also allowed her to experience, in the deepest sense of oneself, permanent change, the search for the meaning of life, the search for her own individuality, identity, the need to rebuild after each move, to fight for the education of her three children through school systems, countries and multiple languages ​​... She asked herself often about the roles of a woman: mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend ... in very diverse and/or unstable environments. She has lived through, listened to and shared hundreds of stories of women around the world. 


Since 2015, Misa has lived in Paris. Returning with the hope of stabilising, life decided otherwise; a change in family dynamics and a crisis of her 25-year-old marriage led to separation and then divorce. This cathartic event led her to unexpectedly help many other women overcome this painful experience.


Misa has three children living in three different countries and she knows very well the hardships and suffering of today's teens and young adults, especially TCK (Third Culture Kids).


Misa is a regular blogger and a social media geek. In her spare time, she walks her dog Luna, reads, studies cooking, practices yoga and golf, and enjoys (always and again) travelling. Today, she fully enjoys her new professional life and remains ready to take on new challenges.